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Travel Insurance for Older Traveler’s As you enter the golden years of your life, you should be traveling more often. Retirement will give you the time you’ve always dreamed of to complete your bucket list. We encourage you to travel as much as you can while you are still in good health.

To ensure an enjoyable and safe trip, we recommend that you choose an international travel insurance policy for seniors that covers foreign countries.

On this page, you will find information on the different types of travel insurance for seniors and how to purchase it.

What coverage do senior traveler’s need?

Since you are now a senior citizen, you should undergo a medical examination and review your health before purchasing senior international travel medical insurance.

To understand what sort of senior travel clinical protection you really want, you really want to audit your ongoing wellbeing status, the exercises you will be taking part in during your outing, and the duration of your trip.

Some countries have reciprocal medical agreements with other countries. However, this may be more expensive in some countries.

Generally, Medicare and other medical insurance plans do not cover emergency medical care, so you will need travel insurance to obtain similar benefits. All of these considerations should be taken into account when purchasing travel insurance for the elderly.

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What is the best travel protection for the older?

Through research and experience we have compared the best plans for seniors traveling abroad. We sorted the choices in view old enough, citizenship, and spending plan to make it more straightforward for seniors like you to conclude which travel protection plan is best for you.

Senior Travel Plan Rates

U.S. Citizen
(from the U.S.)
Traveler to the U.S.
(Passengers entering the U.S.)
International Flights
(Travelers except U.S.)
65-69 years oldPlan
Trawick Safe Travels USA
IMG Patriot Platinum
70-74 years oldPlan
Trawick Safe Travels USA
IMG Patriot Platinum
Ages 75-79Plan
Trawick Safe Travels USA
IMG Patriot Platinum
80+ years oldPlan
Trawick Safe Travels USA
IMG Patriot Platinum

Travel Insurance for U.S. Citizens 65+

We recommend Blue Cross Travel Insurance’s GeoBlue Voyager plan. It provides excellent service to seniors and has a maximum plan limit of $1,000,000.

Insurers typically limit maximum benefits to $10,000 or $50,000 for travel insurance plans for those 65 and older; the GeoBlue plan does better by offering higher overall coverage limits for travelers 65-80 and older.

Best Travel Insurance for U.S. Seniors with Pre-Existing Conditions

GeoBlue travel protection is additionally the most ideal choice for U.S. citizens seeking coverage for medical services and medical evacuation for pre-existing conditions; the GeoBlue Voyager Choice plan provides coverage for pre-existing conditions to U.S. seniors who are currently enrolled in a U.S. health plan that includes Medicare. The plan is a bit pricey, but the additional coverage and its excellent service make it well worth the cost.

Travel Insurance
Travel Insurance

Budget Travel Insurance for U.S. Seniors

IMG’s GlobeHopper offers senior explorers amazing advantages and administrations at a reasonable cost. U.S. seniors are eligible if they are 65 or older, enrolled in Medicare Parts A and B, and have a Medigap or Medicare Advantage plan.

Ideal for seniors travel universally an extended get-away or excursion and need inclusion for clinical costs that might be caused external the US.

This senior travel protection plan incorporates the accompanying advantages

  • Non-emergency medical evacuation
  • Aggravated assault (if you are the victim)
  • Inter-facility transportation
  • Limited to U.S. residents presently signed up for Federal medical care Parts An and B

Travel insurance for seniors visiting the U.S.

If you are planning to travel to the U.S., we recommend that you ensure that your insurance will cover the high cost of medical care in the U.S. Medical evacuation benefits may not be a high priority for you, as quality medical care is available throughout the United States. Below are two recommendations for older adults traveling to the U.S.

Trawick Safe Travels USA Comprehensive insurance plan is recommended for visitors to the U.S. age 65 and older; for senior traveler’s age 65-79, the plan has a maximum limit of $100,000; for visitors age 80 and older, the plan has a maximum limit of $50,000 .

Intense beginning of previous circumstances is remembered for the Trawick Safe Ventures USA Extensive arrangement. Benefits are paid up to the maximum limit of coverage purchased.

For non-U.S. senior traveler’s visiting the U.S., we also recommend the Atlas Travel Medical Plan. This policy is affordable and provides excellent service to seniors, with a maximum medical benefit of $50,000 or $100,000 for ages 65-79 and $10,000 for ages 80 and older.

Travel Insurance Outside the U.S. for Seniors 65-80+.

When traveling outside the U.S., premiums are less expensive because medical costs outside the U.S. are generally less expensive. At the same time, one must take into account that the standard of medical care in some countries may be lower or more remote. In such cases, we want to ensure that they have access to the best doctors, hospitals, medical evacuation services, and other related benefits.

For U.S. seniors traveling abroad, GeoBlue travel insurance is the best option. It gives inclusion to clinical benefits, clinical clearing, bringing home, and previous circumstances. The plan is a bit pricey, but the additional coverage and its excellent service make it well worth the cost.

The IMG Patriot Platinum International plan is a great option for seniors seeking medical coverage while traveling outside their home country, but never staying within the U.S. IMG Patriot Platinum International does not offer coverage within the U.S. The IMG Patriot Platinum International plan is a great option for seniors seeking medical coverage while traveling outside their home country, but never staying within the U.S. The IMG Nationalist Platinum Worldwide arrangement is an incredible choice for seniors looking for clinical service while going inside the U.S.

Patriot Platinum has coverage limits of $2 million for seniors up to age 69, $100,000 for seniors ages 70-79, and $20,000 for seniors age 80 and older.

Travel Insurance for Seniors 70 and Over

There are additional considerations for seniors over age 70 when purchasing travel insurance. Individuals may have different priorities for insurance. In terms of plan benefits and costs, you will find that coverage benefit limits will increase (lower medical benefits per trip) and costs will increase. See the table above for specific costs and coverage limits.

Best Travel Insurance for Seniors 70+
For U.S. Citizens Traveling Abroad

Benefits of International Travel Medical Insurance for Seniors

Seniors traveling abroad may already have health issues or medications that must be taken daily. If you have travel insurance and are injured or become ill while on vacation, senior travel insurance can cover your medical needs.

Please note that Medicare does not cover medical services outside the United States and its territories. There may be exceptions regarding Medicare benefits in Canada and Mexico, but only in certain circumstances.

Overseas medical insurance guarantees coverage for sudden injury or accident, should you have to interrupt your trip.
You should also consider purchasing medical evacuation insurance, which pays for emergency transportation to the hospital.”

Travel Insurance for Seniors

Travel insurance for seniors provides the peace of mind and comfort needed to enjoy travel. The following insurance plans are recommended for traveler’s age 70 and older. Trip Cancellation Insurance, Cruise Insurance, and International Travel Insurance.

Trip Cancellation Insurance for Seniors Traveling Abroad

Trip cancellation insurance offers the same great coverage as our senior international travel insurance plans, with the added benefit of covering travel expenses in the unlikely event that you have to cancel your trip.

Travel Insurance Plans for U.S. Seniors

Seven Corners Travel Insurance

Travel Medical Insurance for Seniors

Overseas Travel Insurance Coverage for those 65 years of age and older

Large numbers of our clients inquire, “What is the best travel protection for seniors?
What advantages are related with improvement security for seniors?
We are often asked. Since priorities often vary from person to person, we gladly offer a variety of options.

Many people prioritize travel cancellation, while others value the benefits of medical evacuation and repatriation. The good news is that one plan can provide for all of these. None of these benefits add individual high costs to the plan, so trying to enroll in one or the other to save a little money is not necessarily the best choice.

We advise our clients to enroll in a quality plan that provides comprehensive coverage for all the basics. To assist you with picking the best travel insurance for your senior, if it’s not too much trouble, ensure the accompanying advantages are remembered for your contract

  • Emergency evacuation
  • Repatriation of bodies
  • Hospital Room and Board
  • Ambulance service
  • Trip interruption or delay
  • Loss of baggage or personal effects
  • Accidental death coverage

How to Compare and Purchase the Right Plan

Most travel insurance agency offer fundamental (and in some cases restricted) plans for seniors, and some main cover seniors under their standard plans. Before applying for senior travel insurance, check to see which age group you fall under for a particular plan. Age is an important factor in determining premiums and benefits.

Next, you should check to see if the travel insurance plan covers the country you are traveling to. A few plans may just give inclusion in specific nations.

Another important factor to remember when purchasing travel insurance for the elderly is the plan’s maximum limits and deductibles. Some travel insurance companies lower the maximum limit or increase the deductible based on health status. The higher the risk of a claim, the higher the premium.

There are three basic types of travel insurance: emergency medical insurance, trip cancellation insurance, and 24-hour telephone assistance. Know the differences between them and determine which one best suits your needs. Also, check the exceptions, deductibles, and free-look periods listed on the insurance policy. We encourage you to compare the best travel insurance policies and plans for seniors listed here. We encourage you to get a free quote through the link above.

Be sure to compare possible plans side-by-side to get the best deal for your needs. Purchasing travel insurance for seniors can be time consuming, but there is no need to stress. On the off chance that you have any inquiries, go ahead and reach us and we will be glad to help you.

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