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International School Health Insurance Program. For Instructors Abroad The Clements Overall Researchers Gathering Health care coverage Program offers adaptable clinical service planned explicitly for worldwide teachers, business chiefs, directors, and their families. International Business Insurance

Whether you handle contracts for a college in Asia or run a little school in Africa, we offer modified plans to guarantee clinical service anyplace on the planet.

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A Customized Arrangement

Schools can customize group health plans for faculty, staff, and their families to meet their specific needs. With over 75 years of customer service, claims processing excellence, and networking, Clements can help you ensure that your school’s faculty, staff, and their families have excellent medical coverage anywhere in the world. International Business Insurance

International School Health Insurance
International School Health Insurance

Benefits International School Health Insurance

Clements’ Scholars Plan offers comprehensive benefits including

  • Class “A” security from the insurance company – Lloyd’s of London
  • Easy and seamless implementation process
  • One of the biggest worldwide clinical direct bill networks in more than 170 nations
  • Flexible coverage and customized plan options
  • Complimentary passive war, terrorism, strike and riot coverage
  • Medical (inpatient and outpatient), prescription drug, dental and vision coverage
  • Medical evacuation and repatriation coverage
  • Mental illness coverage (including video counseling telemedicine)
  • Alcohol and drug abuse coverage
  • Wellness Benefits
  • Worldwide Coverage
  • Bridge & Continuation Coverage
  • Additional and unique program extensions automatically included at no cost
  • Injury Death & Dismemberment, War & Terrorism coverage, 100% benefits
  • International Personal/Home Contents coverage for employees and family members
  • Identity Theft Expense Coverage

Claims Concierge

In-house claims concierge system provides personalized service:

  • Inquiries regarding claims and benefits
  • Assistance when claims are denied or pending
  • Assistance to help members understand their benefits
  • Problem resolution, including contacting physicians/providers, communicating with HTH, and updating claims status
  • Face-to-face meetings with clients and insureds worldwide throughout the year – group and one-on-one meetings
  • Bi-weekly review of all claims reports (denials, holds, high denial claims, high co-pay/out-of-network reports)

Redo Your School’s Gathering Medical coverage Plan

We will track down the best global health care coverage inclusion and offer five star support.

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International School Associations we support

We can do more through partnerships. That is why Clements supports international school associations and councils around the world through our membership. These associations provide an important platform for schools to exchange ideas and provide the best possible educational environment.

International School Health Insurance
International School Health Insurance

Health Insurance in Africa

Healthcare and Insurance in Africa: What Every Expatriate Should Know

The standard of health care in Africa is expected to be as broad and diverse as the continent itself. Its health care systems reflect the cultures of different regional blocs. Differences in degree between public and private health insurance are evident in both North and Sub-Saharan Africa.

For example, the larger and more economically powerful countries on the African continent have adequate public health care systems. Private health care facilities usually predominate, but primarily serve high-income and foreign families. The contrast across most of the continent is between rural and urban areas. Expatriates seeking to live in urban areas can expect medical facilities to be of a satisfactory standard. International School Health Insurance

But as is often the case for expatriates, it is a bit more complicated in the suburbs. However, there are several expatriate “hubs” in more secluded areas with better sanitation services, which also vary from country to country. Thus, it is clear that private African health insurance is the best bet for expatriates in large cities and in areas with high levels of foreign traffic.

African Health Insurance for Expatriates and Visitors

Private Healthcare in Southern Africa – South Africa and Zimbabwe

South Africa is a regional hub for private health care. Many people are flown in from neighboring countries to access premium private health care facilities. Therefore, it is safe to say that South Africa is a reliable destination when it comes to access to healthcare. International School Health Insurance

Although only about 16% of the population has access to modern private facilities, more than 75% of the country’s physicians are private practitioners. A very popular destination for expatriates, South Africa is able to meet the health and safety standards of the most advanced countries in the world.

It is worth noting that the majority of the country’s 55 million people rely on public health services. As a result, state-run clinics and hospitals are expected to be crowded at all times. The doctor-to-patient ratio is also very low. For exiles, this implies keeping away from the “nearby” experience by and large.

Zimbabwe is one of the neighboring countries that relies on South Africa for advanced medical care. As a result, expatriate citizens seeking more modern medical services have been known to have to fly to major cities such as Cape Town or Durban to receive medical intervention. Zimbabwe is economically poor, and this is reflected in the level of medical development. International School Health Insurance

Foreigners staying in Zimbabwe will find that most state-run medical facilities are inadequate. For this reason, it is recommended that they purchase a solid comprehensive medical insurance policy. Those moving to Zimbabwe should also keep in mind that they will need to pay upfront before treatment.

National Health Insurance Options in West Africa – Nigeria and Ghana

Nigeria has a national health insurance system for public health services. However, this is not a solution to the country’s poor healthcare infrastructure. Private health care systems do exist, but they are limited to large cities. Moreover, in contrast to other developed countries, some diseases, such as tetanus and cholera, are fatal. International School Health Insurance

Therefore, it is highly recommended that you purchase a solid and comprehensive insurance plan before moving to Nigeria. The insurance plan should be able to cover evacuation to another country for medical treatment and repatriation in the event of serious illness or death.

Neighboring Ghana also has a national health insurance plan. Expatriates can purchase this insurance for an additional fee. However, because Ghana’s medical resources are stretched thin, it is best for expatriates to purchase a lump-sum insurance policy. In addition, malaria and polio remain two of the most prevalent diseases in West Africa. Before moving to Ghana, it is worth seeking medical advice on immunizations and other preventive health care.International School Health Insurance

Medical Insurance in East Africa – Kenya

Kenya’s public health care system is financed by an insurance system. Available facilities vary from region to region, but the standard of care and hygiene can be expected to be below par. For this reason, expatriates prefer to use private practitioners. These medical facilities generally have high standards of hygiene as well as facilities.International School Health Insurance

There are several diseases that require immunization before moving to Kenya. Recommended are yellow fever, hepatitis A, and typhoid fever. Malaria should also be considered for immunization given its prevalence in Kenya. This multitude of variables warrant a complete health care coverage plan that covers these different dangers and systems.

Health Insurance Options in North Africa – Morocco and Egypt

Morocco, like many other African countries, also relies on an insurance system to operate its public hospitals and clinics. As a developing country, the quality of these hospitals and clinics is well below first world standards. It is therefore natural that international citizens prefer the private sector to meet their health care needs. However, insurance is a must, as private health services are extremely expensive.

Egypt is no comparison. It is even recommended that all major treatments and surgeries be considered outside the country. Foreigners planning to move to Egypt are advised to choose an insurance plan that covers evacuation and repatriation. While there are many foreign doctors in private health care in Egypt, it is best to seek recommendations from fellow expatriates for the best hospitals and clinics.

Health Insurance Tips for Africa

Before moving to the African continent, do your homework. If you have a particular disease or treatment, it is a good idea to find out if corresponding treatment is available in the country you plan to emigrate to. Also, make sure that the medical insurance you purchase in Africa covers all of these particularities.

If you are moving to Africa, your best option is to use private health care, but it will not be up to the standards to which you are accustomed. Remember that repatriation or evacuation to another country is common in the region and is part of your plan.

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East Africa Medical coverage – Kenya

Kenya’s general medical care framework is funded by a protection framework. The degree of treatment and disinfection can be anticipated to be worse than average, albeit accessible offices differ from one area to another. Consequently, ostracizes like to utilize private professionals. These clinical offices for the most part have elevated expectations of cleanliness as well as offices.

There are a few sicknesses that require inoculation prior to moving to Kenya. Suggested are yellow fever, hepatitis A, and typhoid fever. Jungle fever ought to likewise be considered for vaccination given its predominance in Kenya. This huge number of factors warrant a total medical care plan that covers these various risks and techniques.

Medical coverage Choices in North Africa – Morocco and Egypt

Morocco, in the same way as other African nations, additionally depends on a protection framework to work its public clinics and centers. As an emerging nation, the nature of these clinics and centers is well beneath first world norms. It is consequently normal that global residents favor the confidential area to meet their medical services needs.

In any case, protection is an unquestionable requirement, as confidential wellbeing administrations are very costly. Egypt is no correlation. It is even suggested that every significant treatment and medical procedures be viewed as outside the country.

Untouchables proposing to move to Egypt are urged to pick a security plan that covers clearing and bringing back. While there are numerous unfamiliar specialists in confidential medical care in Egypt, it is ideal to look for suggestions from individual exiles for the best clinics and facilities.

Health care coverage Tips for Africa

Prior to moving to the African landmass, get your work done. In the event that you have a specific illness or treatment, it is smart to see whether relating treatment is accessible in the country you intend to emigrate to. Likewise, ensure that the clinical protection you buy in Africa covers these particularities.

Assuming that you are moving to Africa, your most ideal choice is to utilize private medical services, however it won’t really depend on the guidelines to which you are acclimated. Recollect that bringing home or departure to another nation is normal in the district and is essential for your arrangement.

Clinical Designs for Exiles Living in Africa

Cigna Worldwide is your most ideal choice for living abroad. With all day, every day client care and adaptable plans, you have incredible choices.

Best Protection Plans for U.S. Residents Living in Africa

GeoBlue Xplorer is a fantastic intensive game plan for U.S. residents living in Africa.

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