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Best Worldwide Medical Insurance Companies 2023 |

Finding a Top-Class Overseas Medical Insurance Company

Best Worldwide Medical Insurance. Finding the best global clinical protection ought to be at the first spot on your list of needs while intending to move to another country. There are many excellent global medical insurance options to choose from, most of which are very affordable, especially compared to options in the United States.

Careful review of each policy’s terms and conditions is essential to determine which insurer and plan best suits your needs. We look forward to receiving your request for a free quote.

Top 10 International Medical Insurance Companies

Below is a comprehensive list of the top 10 international insurance companies offering the best global medical insurance. Each company offers top-notch service, comprehensive benefits, broad coverage, and affordable rates. Each insurer’s A.M. Best rating indicates the financial stability of each insurer.

RankInsuranceBest ForApply
1)Cigna GlobalExpatriates seeking extensive network and customizable benefitsFree Statement
2)GeoBlue XplorerU.S. citizens moving abroad and those moving to the U.S.Free Statement
3)William RussellThose who want personal service and do not need extensive coverage in the U.S.Free Statement
4)IMG Global Medical InsuranceThose who want a wide range of options at a low budgetFree Statement
5)Now Health InternationalLooking for an economical plan with simple options.Free Statement
6)Integra GlobalExpatriates seeking a tailor-made plan to suit their needsFree Statement
7)Allianz International Medical InsuranceWant the backing of one of the world’s largest insurance companiesFree Statement
8)AXA Global HealthcareLooking for a leading global company with staff around the worldFree Statement
9)AIA GroupExpatriates moving abroad to China, Singapore and other Asian countriesFree Statement
10)Bupa GlobalCitizens of certain countries seeking the security of the Bupa brandFree Statement
Best Worldwide Medical Insurance.
Best Worldwide Medical Insurance.


Rank Insurance Companies

  • 1 Cigna Global: Expatriates seeking extensive network and customizable benefits
  • 2 GeoBlue Xplorer: U.S. citizens moving abroad and to the U.S.
  • 3 William Russell: Expatriates who do not need extensive coverage in the U.S. and want personalized attention
  • 4 IMG Global Medical Insurance: For those who want a wide range of options at a low budget
  • 5 Now Health International: Looking for an economical plan with simple options?
  • 6 Integra Global: Looking for a tailor-made plan to fit your needs?
  • 7 Allianz International Medical Insurance: Want the backing of one of the world’s largest insurance companies?
  • 8 AXA Global Healthcare: Looking for a leading global company with staff around the world?
  • 9 AIA Group: Expatriates moving to China, Singapore and other Asian countries
  • 10 Bupa Global: Citizens of certain countries seeking the safety of the Bupa brand

The companies listed above are ranked according to the following criteria

  • Size of Network
  • Breadth of benefits available
  • Additional features such as telemedicine
  • Ease of filing claims
  • Ability to adjust premiums based on co-pays and deductibles
  • A.M. Best rating, which indicates the financial stability of each insurance company

A closer look at the top five international insurance companies

Cigna Global, GeoBlue, William Russell, Now Health, and International Medical Group are excellent choices for expatriates moving abroad to work or live. Read about each plan to find the one that best fits your needs, then request a free quote. Best Worldwide Medical Insurance

1) Cigna Global Health

Best Worldwide Medical Insurance. Cigna Worldwide Protection was one of the primary worldwide health care coverage organizations to offer protection cover to ostracizes and voyagers; established in 1982, the organization stays one of the world’s leading international insurance providers. It offers comprehensive coverage in almost every country, making it an excellent choice for many people living abroad.

Get a free quote from Cigna today!

Cigna Global Plan offers flexible international medical insurance plans, allowing you to choose which benefits to include and exclude. Premiums can be further customized with multiple deductible and cost-sharing options. With easy access to international doctors and hospitals, this is one of the most popular insurance options among travelers and expatriates.

Cigna Plan Highlights

  • Three Core Plans Silver, Gold, and Platinum
  • Members have the flexibility to customize their plans to meet their individual needs.
  • Cigna customer service is available 24/7.
  • Members have access to Cigna Global’s network of trusted hospitals, clinics, and physicians.

2) GeoBlue Global Medical

GeoBlue Global Medical is designed for U.S. citizens living abroad or non-U.S. citizens living in the U.S. GeoBlue is an independent licensee of Blue Cross Blue Shield Association and offers both short-term and long-term travel medical insurance worldwide. both short-term and long-term travel medical insurance worldwide. Best Worldwide Medical Insurance

Get a free quote from GeoBlue today!

The GeoBlue Xplorer plan is a superior choice accessible to both U.S. citizens living abroad and expatriates residing in the United States. The company’s basic plan is said to be more expensive than some options sold by competitors, but it is all worth the extra cost in the event of illness or injury.

When benefits are thoroughly compared, GeoBlue’s premium-level options are competitively priced, beating similarly high coverage levels offered by competitors.

Highlights of the Xplorer plan include

  • Unlimited maximum medical limits
  • Most comprehensive benefits in the industry
  • No deductible required for standard services such as office visits, preventive care, and outpatient prescriptions

3) William Russell

Best Worldwide Medical Insurance. William Russell has been in the healthcare business for 30 years, specializing in providing private insurance benefits to members in 160 countries worldwide.

With William Russell medical insurance, individuals and families, or individuals with family planning, can find the right plan. William Russell’s medical insurance offers four levels of plans, each tailored to meet the needs of the individual. They also offer personalized service, with a team available 24/7 whenever you need assistance.

Click here to get a free quote from William Russell!

William Russell’s four plans, Gold, Silver, Silver Light, and Bronze, provide members with comprehensive medical coverage, excellent benefits, and a high level of service.

William Russell Highlights

  • Each level of plan provides complete coverage for inpatient care, and most levels offer unlimited outpatient care.
  • Full cancer coverage, including $6,000 for cancer genomic therapies.
  • All plans have Medevac Fundamental with the choice to add Medevac In addition to.

4)International Medical Group

Best Worldwide Medical Insurance. International Medical Group (IMG) offers the widest range of products of any international medical insurance company, from travel cancellation to long-term international medical (IMG Global Medical) For over 20 years, IMG has given global clinical protection, travel protection, and reasonable inclusion to clients around the world. For over 20 years, IMG has given global clinical protection, travel protection, and reasonable inclusion to clients around the world. Currently, IMG insures clients in more than 170 countries worldwide.

Click here to get a free quote from IMG!

IMG Plan Highlights

  • Four plan options and additional optional modules
  • Choice of coverage areas that reflect your geographic area of need
  • Freedom to choose your medical provider anywhere in the world

Other Leading International Medical Insurance Companies

Now Health International
Now Health International provides quality medical insurance worldwide that is easily accessible to expatriates living abroad. One of the company’s best international medical insurance offerings is the Now Health WorldCare Plan, which provides comprehensive coverage, including coverage for U.S. expatriates. A more affordable option is the SimpleCare Plan, which is ideal for expatriates seeking broad medical coverage that fits their budget. Presently Wellbeing Global has an A+ rating from A.M. Best.
Click here to get a free quote from Now Health! Best Worldwide Medical Insurance

Integra Global
Integra Global is a UK-based company with strategically located service offices around the world, including several countries in Europe, North America, and Asia. The company specializes in providing health plans to individuals, companies, and organizations with unique coverage needs, including expatriates, marine professionals, jet-setters, and special risk populations. The company aims to develop unique international health insurance options that provide exceptional protection, superior value, and hands-on, unparalleled personal service. Best Worldwide Medical Insurance Free Quote and Application

Bupa Global
BUPA International has been in business for over 65 years and is dedicated to providing the best international health insurance plans and dedicating its resources to Their global team of advisors and health professionals are multilingual and help to exceed expectations. Best Worldwide Medical Insurance Free Quote and Application

Allianz is one of the biggest insurance agency on the planet. It is a German organization under the administration of Allianz Overall Accomplices and is important for the Allianz Gathering. Allianz is known for its extensive service network spanning several countries and for offering its employees the best international medical insurance. Best Worldwide Medical Insurance

Free Quote and Application

AXA Global Healthcare
AXA offers excellent international medical insurance with private health care coverage whenever you need it, making AXA ideal for expatriates living and working in another country or multiple countries. We also offer short-term international insurance for those who do not plan to move abroad for an extended period of time. Best Worldwide Medical Insurance Free Quote and Application

AIA Group
AIA has areas of strength for an in Asia, Australia and New Zealand. In addition to overseas medical insurance, AIA also offers retirement, life, and accident insurance, making it a one-stop solution for many expatriates A.M. Best evaluates each division of AIA Group separately, depending on the country in which it operates. Best Worldwide Medical Insurance Free Quote and Application

Step by step instructions to Analyze the Best Worldwide Insurance Agency

Start online. There is a lot of information to help you make a decision before you purchase the best international insurance policy for you.

Pick the right insurance agency for you in view of six key variables: rating, cost, qualification, inclusion region, health advantages, and clinical organization. Each overseas insurance company offers standard benefits, but some offer slightly more benefits than others at a more competitive price.

To help you in your research, we have created a comparison chart of the top four foreign insurance companies, Cigna, GeoBlue, William Russell, and IMG.

Insurance Company Ratings
Each insurer’s A.M. Best rating indicates the financial stability of each insurer.

Coverage Area
Most international insurers cover the entire world, including the U.S.

Plan Cost
Some international insurance companies offer more expensive plans than others.

Medical Benefits
Most international insurance companies offer standard and optional medical coverage.

Eligibility for Enrollment
Some international insurance companies have age restrictions, coverage area restrictions, and pre-existing medical condition restrictions.

Medical Network
Different international insurance companies have different medical networks with great doctors and excellent hospitals.

Explore and Compare Options Compare Medical Insurance
Learn more about Overseas Medical Insurance for Comprehensive Annual Coverage.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best global medical insurance?

There are many excellent global medical insurance plans available to expatriates and their families, and Cigna Global is recognized as one of the best international medical insurance companies, along with William Russell and GeoBlue Global Medical. Cigna Global was the first company to offer long-term international insurance to expatriates and continues to be a leading provider. If you are looking for top-notch international insurance, get a free Cigna quote today and start making a plan.

Is Cigna Global a good insurance policy?
Is your medical insurance covered internationally?
Who are the top 5 medical insurance companies?
Who is the world’s largest international medical insurance company?

International Travel Insurance Companies

The difference between international medical insurance and travel medical insurance is the length of coverage and the level of benefits included in the policy. Even if you have private medical insurance in your home country, if you are hospitalized abroad due to an accident or illness, your insurance will most likely not cover you. Even if you were covered, it would probably not be sufficient to cover all the medical expenses necessary for your recovery.

At Seven Corners, we offer specialized travel insurance to cover medical emergencies during your stay abroad. Because Seven Corners’ travel insurance is not as comprehensive as the other plans listed above, it is an affordable, high-quality option.

In general, it is a good option for those who maintain national health insurance or are moving abroad for a short period of time. If you need short-term overseas medical insurance, start building a plan with Seven Corners Free Quote.

Learn about options to cover you for a year or less: Best Travel Insurance Companies
For short-term international travel medical insurance, consider WorldTrips Insurance.

Get the best arrangement with the assistance of Global Residents Protection. Best Worldwide Medical Insurance.

Our mission is to make you aware of the value of global medical, life, and travel insurance. By giving you dependable and well-informed assets, we make it simple to choose, look at, and audit plans presented by respectable insurance agency. With this information, you can rest easy when traveling or relocating abroad.

You can find the best global medical insurance, international life insurance, international travel medical insurance, international group plans, trip cancellation insurance, and more here. As always, please read the policy terms and conditions carefully before contacting us.

If you have any questions or concerns about selecting the best international medical insurance plan, please feel free to contact us.

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