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Factory Job in Canada 2023 Urgent Hiring |

General worker and order picker in T-shirt warehouse

Factory Job in Canada. Job Description

Salary: 15.50 per hour
Employment Type: Full-time employee
Shift & Schedule: Day Shift

Factory Job in Canada. Tagging, folding, packing, quality checking, and heat pressing photos on merchandise. Other general tasks as well. If this general training goes well, we would like to train you as an order picker. We prefer someone who has experience working in a warehouse or factory environment or is a quick learner.

The first 1-2 weeks will be a probationary period. Full salary will be paid.

Working Conditions and Physical Ability

Repetitive work, heavy handling (average 15 kg boxes), physical strain, attention to detail.

Heavy material handling

  • up to 18 kg (40 lbs.)

Conditions of employment

  • Full-time. Full-time. 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. (30 minute lunch break not paid) 40 hours per week. 5 days per week.

Starting wage

  • $15.50 per hour.

Starting date

  • ASAP

How to Apply

  • Please send us your resume. Just chose competitors will be reached for a meeting.


  • Full Time/ Permanent

Salary from

  • $15.50 per hour


  • Day shift


  • At least 1 year in a warehouse or factory (preferred)

Work location

  • direct

About the company

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Factory Job in Canada

Factory Jobs in Canada with Visa Sponsorship

Factory Job in Canada. Are you looking for an exciting job in the Canadian manufacturing industry? If you are interested in factory jobs with visa sponsorship, this article is for you. In this article, you will learn about factory jobs in Canada, their benefits, visa sponsorship options, and how to find work in this field. Go on, make a plunge and find the conceivable outcomes that look for you. 


Canada’s manufacturing sector offers a wide range of employment opportunities and makes a vital contribution to the country’s economy. Working in a factory offers stability, growth prospects, and the chance to be part of an innovative process. 

This article means to give a thorough manual for processing plant occupations in Canada, with a specific spotlight on those that deal visa sponsorship to outsiders. Factory Job in Canada

Outline of Plant Occupations in Canada Production line occupations in Canada incorporate a different scope of areas, including auto, aviation, food handling, and hardware. 

These industries are known for their advanced technology, efficient production processes, and commitment to quality.

Factory jobs include assembly line operations, machine operation, quality control, maintenance, and other specialized duties.

Canadian factories are known for adhering to high standards, making them desirable workplaces.

Benefits of Working in a Canadian Factory Job in Canada

There are many advantages to working in a Canadian factory.

First of all, factory jobs often offer stable employment with competitive wages and benefits packages.

Also, these positions offer open doors for expertise improvement, professional success, and employer stability. 

Many factories also foster a collaborative and inclusive work environment that promotes employee well-being and work-life balance.

Visa Sponsorship for Factory Jobs Visa sponsorship is available for certain factory jobs in Canada and allows foreign individuals to legally work in Canada. 

With visa sponsorship, you can get the essential licenses and documentation to participate in processing plant work in Canada.

This opens the door to rewarding career opportunities and the chance to contribute to the Canadian manufacturing industry. Factory Job in Canada

Finding Factory Job Opportunities in Canada

Factory Job in Canada. To find factory job opportunities in Canada, it is essential to explore a variety of resources and platforms. 

Online work entries, industry-explicit sites, and enrollment offices are significant hotspots for tracking down open positions. 

Networking and professional connections within the industry can also lead to hidden job opportunities.

By being proactive and persistent in your job search, you will increase your chances of finding the right factory job.

Requirements for Visa Sponsorship In order to sponsor a factory work visa in Canada, certain requirements must be met.

These requirements include a job offer from a Canadian employer, relevant skills and qualifications, language skills, and the ability to cover living expenses.

Understanding the specific requirements will increase your chances of obtaining visa sponsorship.

How to Apply for a Visa Applying for a visa to work in a factory in Canada requires careful preparation and attention to detail.

Typically, you will receive a job offer from a Canadian employer, submit an application for a work permit, and submit the required documents. 

Look into the application interaction and adhere to the rules given by Migration, Exiles and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). Factory Job in Canada

Popular Factory Job Programs in Canada

Canada offers a variety of popular factory job programs that provide visa sponsorship to foreign workers. 

These projects are intended to satisfy the needs of explicit businesses and draw in gifted work force from around the world.

Instances of such projects incorporate the Impermanent Unfamiliar Specialist Program and the Atlantic Settler Experimental run Program. 

Investigating these programs can provide insight into the opportunities available and the requirements of each. Impact of Factory Work on Immigration Working in a factory in Canada can have a positive impact on immigration prospects.

Working in a Canadian factory can provide valuable Canadian work experience, improve skills, and build contacts within the industry.

This experience can enhance your eligibility for permanent residency and other immigration programs offered by the Canadian government.

Cultural Exchange and Professional Growth Working in a Canadian factory provides opportunities for cultural exchange as well as professional growth.

Factories employ people from diverse backgrounds, providing an opportunity to interact with colleagues from different cultures and gain a broader world view. 

Participating in a multicultural workplace encourages figuring out, resilience, and self-improvement.

Tips for Success in a Canadian Factory Job To be successful in a Canadian factory job, consider the following tips

  • Develop appropriate skills and knowledge in your field.
  • Adapt to the work environment and follow safety protocols. 
  • Be dependable, solid and exhibit areas of strength for an ethic.
  • Communicate effectively with co-workers and supervisors.
  • Seek professional development and training opportunities.
  • Respect teamwork and cooperate with co-workers. 
  • Keep awake to
  • date on industry patterns and mechanical advances. 
  • Take pride in your work.
  • Invest wholeheartedly in your work and take a stab at greatness. 

Factory Jobs in the Provinces Factory job opportunities are available in every province in Canada, and each province has strengths in its own industry.

From automotive manufacturing in Ontario to aerospace in Quebec to food processing in Alberta, factory jobs are available across Canada.

Researching a particular province of interest will give you an idea of the range of factory jobs that province has to offer.

Challenges and Rewards of Factory Work Factory work, like any other occupation, has its own set of challenges and rewards.

Factory environments can be physically demanding, requiring repetitive work and adherence to strict schedules.

However, the rewards include job security, competitive pay, opportunities for growth, and the satisfaction of contributing to the success of the manufacturing industry. 

Tributes from Assembly line laborers “I moved to Canada to work in a processing plant.

The visa allowed me to work legally and contribute to the Canadian manufacturing industry.

The opportunities for growth and advancement are great and I have been able to build a fulfilling career in this industry.”

Maria, Philippines

“Working in a Canadian factory given me professional stability, phenomenal advantages, and a helpful workplace.

The visa sponsorship has allowed me to pursue my passion for engineering and contribute to the advancement of cutting edge technology.

Frequently Asked Questions ?

Can I find a factory job in Canada without visa sponsorship? Yes, there are factory jobs in Canada that do not require visa sponsorship. However, if you are a foreign national seeking a long-term career in the Canadian manufacturing industry, securing visa sponsorship will provide you with legal authorization and the necessary support.

How long does the visa sponsorship process for factory jobs usually take? The visa application process can take a variety of time. It depends on factors such as the specific program, the number of applications, and the complexity of each individual case. We recommend that you apply well in advance and be prepared for delays in processing.

Is there an age limit for obtaining visa sponsorship for factory work in Canada? In general, there is no specific age limit for obtaining visa sponsorship for factory work in Canada. Eligibility criteria focus primarily on relevant skills, qualifications, and ability to contribute to the Canadian labor market.

Will my experience working in a factory in Canada help me apply for permanent residency?
It has been a rewarding experience both personally and professionally.” – Michael, UK Working in a Canadian factory with visa sponsorship offers an exciting prospect for expatriates seeking employment in the Canadian manufacturing industry. By investigating accessible open doors, understanding the visa sponsorship process, and getting ready for the requests of plant work, you can leave on a satisfying vocation venture.Start your search today and seize the opportunity to be a part of Canada’s thriving manufacturing industry.

me to pursue my passion for engineering and contribute to the advancement of cutting edge technology.
Yes, factory work experience in Canada can enhance your eligibility to apply for permanent residence. Work experience in Canada is often valued by immigration programs as evidence of an individual’s ability to integrate into the Canadian workforce and contribute to the country’s economy.

What are the growth prospects for factory work in Canada? There are a variety of growth prospects for factory jobs in Canada, including skill development, career advancement, and increased responsibilities. Continually improving your skills, pursuing training and certification, and demonstrating a strong work ethic can pave the way to a successful and fulfilling career in manufacturing.

Who can apply for this job?

  • Employers accept applications from
  • Canadian citizens, permanent or temporary residents of Canada.
  • Others, with or without a valid Canadian work permit.
  • Legal residents of Canada.

Apply online at:



Application Requirements: – Cover Letter.

Production Worker – Packer

Job Description

Salary: 18-$20 per hour
Job Type: Full Time
Shift & Schedule: 8 hour shifts

Vidir Solutions, Inc. elevates careers and communities
Robert Ingersoll: “We grow by elevating people.

Factory Job in Canada. Working at Vidir is more than just being an employee. We work hard, while genuinely caring about others. We encourage continuous growth, diversity, and lifting others up. We are committed to the Vidir HEROICS code of conduct, the values we share, and how those values shape our decisions and actions, turning every day into a great opportunity to improve to the next level At Vidir, you are part of a family, and this is our family culture.

What is a Vidir Hero? Someone who sets and achieves goals, finds creative solutions, keeps others safe, and empowers others to be better… Vidir’s team is made up of individuals who help others do their best.

Whether it’s perfect precision welding or designing the next dynamic solution in automated material handling, our team members know that what they do every day helps someone else succeed, too.

With world-class automation products in over 45 countries and across all industries, Vidir offers you the chance to set and achieve innovative and high standards while advancing your career with one of Canada’s top small and medium-sized companies.

A career with Vidir, Manitoba’s top employer, will help you find meaning on your Mondays! Our mission is to “Make Products Safely Available Around the World”. We are looking for caring, curious, and creative individuals to join our team. Factory Job in Canada

The Opportunity

  • Become a Vidir Hero in Arborg, Manitoba.
  • Level Up Your Career.

Production Worker: Packer
Summary: Assemble and pack all parts required for shipment.


  • Ensure all accessories are correct and securely bundled.
  • Assembling packed goods.
  • Building pallets and blocks.
  • Assembling hardware boxes.
  • Demonstrate and exemplify accountability under Vidir’s Safety Management System and Continuous Improvement Program.

The world requirements a greater amount of the individual you were intended to be. Joanna Gaines.”


  • 1-3 years manufacturing/mechanical experience
  • Knowledge of hand and power tools and manufacturing principles
  • Basic computer skills
  • Basic reading, writing and computing skills

How to Apply

Please apply through our website at www.vidirsolutions.com/careers.

Vidir Solutions Inc. is focused on gathering the openness needs of all people as per The Availability for Manitobans Act and the Manitoba Common liberties Code. We are focused on gathering the availability needs, everything being equal. Please let us know if you require any accommodations during the hiring and selection process.

Love where you work – live where you love
We want you to reach the next level, too! At Vidir, we truly care about your family situation. Please contact us to discuss your options for achieving that all-important work-life balance. At Vidir, we continually evaluate our salaries and benefits to ensure that all of our employees can grow together.

Some of the benefits we offer include maternity leave at 95% of salary for up to 17 weeks and mental health practitioner insurance up to $1,000 per year. Other programs include rewards, perks, and parties that promote a culture of recognition and a rewarding work environment. Some of the perks include free tickets to sporting events and money for children to attend summer camps. Factory Job in Canada

We also host family parties for our employees and their families, renting out locations such as aquatics centers, theaters, and trains for their enjoyment! Our areas are one of a kind and permit you to invest more energy in nature and less time battling traffic and contamination.

Contact us about our locations for more information!

Now is the time to stand together and create a brighter future with us!
Visit www.vidirsolutions.com to learn more about our company and our products.

Position Full Time

Salary: $18.00-$20.00 per hour


  • Dental Care
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Extended Medical Care
  • Life Insurance
  • On-site parking
  • Paid time off
  • RRSP Match


  • 8 hour shift

Day Shift

  • Monday – Friday

Work Location

  • Direct

About the company

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