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Motorcycle Insurance Around the World 2023 Free Quote

Protecting Your Motorcycle Around the World. Motorcycle Insurance Love motorcycles? We’ve got you covered! As an expatriate, we understand that traveling around the world presents unique challenges. Sometimes, two wheels are better than four. We created International Property Damage Insurance to protect your motorcycle.

  • Comprehensive coverage for theft, collision, and damage
  • Coverage for accessories as well
  • Quick and easy claims process

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Car Insurance Policy U.S & Around The World

Motorcycle Insurance Coverage

Table of Contents

Comprehensive coverage

  • Protection against collision, theft and damage.

Accident coverage

  • No change in premiums for your first accident.

Towing Service

  • Up to US$100 per disability and up to US$300 per policy period.

Transit Coverage

  • Covers all risks from departure to arrival.

Home Country Car Rental Insurance

  • All vehicle insurance, including property damage coverage, covers the cost of car rental insurance at $12 per day for up to 21 days per policy period when renting a car in the U.S., Canada, or your home country. This doesn’t need to be successive.
Motorcycle Insurance
Motorcycle Insurance

Coverage Extension Options

Political Violence Coverage Extension

  • Damage to your motorcycle due to riots, strikes, terrorism, or other perils is covered by Clements’ own Political Violence coverage.

Mission Expense Coverage Option

  • Applies in case of a case for property harm

Overseas Motorcycle Insurance Quotes

Average Car Insurance Cost in Canada 2023 Get a Free Quote Now

Insurance Coverage


  • $100 (partially insured), $250, $500, $1,000, $1,500, $2,500

Political Violence Coverage:

  • Includes coverage for riots, strikes, acts of terrorism, sabotage, malicious damage, insurrection, revolution, rebellion, war and civil war.

Rental reimbursement:

  • $30 per day.

Home country rental insurance reimbursement:

  • $12 per day for up to 21 days (available in home countries including the U.S. and Canada).

Towing & Labor Reimbursement:

  • $100 per disability, $300 per policy period.

Medical Payments:

  • $2,000 per passenger per accident

Inadvertent Demise and Dismantling:

  • $15,000 per individual, $45,000 per mishap

Travel Inclusion:

  • All chance inclusion from takeoff to appearance (accessible to government representatives as it were)

Territorial Exclusions:

  • No coverage if the vehicle is located in Canada, Iran, North Korea, or within the insured’s country of residence (see policy conditions for details)

Motorcycle Insurance FAQs

If I collide with an uninsured vehicle, will my policy cover me?

Yes, Clements Worldwide insurance covers financial losses caused by the negligence of an uninsured, underinsured, or hit-and-run driver. Any damage to your vehicle, mechanical or cosmetic, caused by an uninsured driver is covered.

What is political violence coverage?

Clements motorcycle insurance includes coverage for political violence: riots, strikes, acts of terrorism, sabotage, malicious damage, insurrection, revolution, rebellion, war, civil war, etc. Many policies exclude vehicle damage from these coverages.

What is tariff coverage?

Customs compensation pays for customs duties that foreign governments may charge you if your vehicle is totaled in a covered claim. In addition, customs compensation can also pay for customs duty to import a replacement vehicle. Compensation options are 25%, 50% or 100% (220% in Egypt only) of the price of the insured vehicle. Customs coverage is an optional extra and is not included in standard property damage insurance.

For example, if your motorcycle is severely damaged/totaled in an accident, you may need to transfer ownership to a salvage or towing company, which is considered a sale of the vehicle, in order to receive insurance benefits. Foreign governments may impose a tax on that exchange, and customs compensation will pay part or all of that tax.

This coverage does not apply to customs duty compensation paid when the vehicle is first imported into the new country. It applies only if there is an insurance claim for property damage.

The rate of customs duty depends on a number of factors, including the make and model of the vehicle and the country of origin of the vehicle.

It should also be noted that in the case of replacement vehicles, the amount that may be compensated is based on the total loss of the vehicle. In other words, if the price of the new vehicle ($50,000 vehicle) is higher than the purchase price of the replacement vehicle ($30,000 vehicle), insurance will only cover a portion of the tax bill.

If I have made aftermarket modifications to a vehicle, can I increase the amount I pay on a claim?

Yes, if you have made modifications to the vehicle that increase its value, you may increase the purchase price of the vehicle by sending us your receipts.

If I have an accident and need a rental car at my destination, does Clements offer a rental car reimbursement?

Yes, Clements will reimburse you for the rental car up to US$30 per day for up to 10 days for claims under the property damage policy.

What is transit coverage?

Transit coverage is for damage to your vehicle that occurs while it is being transported overseas or to your home. The policy covers any damage from the port in your home country to the port in the host country, but only for individuals who are on active duty in the military or employed by your country’s government.

Does this policy cover the entire world?

Yes, one of the key features of Clements Worldwide Motorcycle Insurance is worldwide coverage. The only exceptions are a few countries, including North Korea and Iran.

How are claims calculated if my vehicle is damaged or totaled?

Clements Worldwide pays claims on a depreciated basis, meaning that the vehicle depreciates approximately 1% per month from the date of purchase and value (with exceptions depending on vehicle make and model). If the vehicle is less than one year old, you may also purchase a Warranty Value Extension, which will pay coverage based on the purchase price.

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