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Car Insurance Customer Support in English

Clements Worldwide makes it easy for non-residents working or living in France to get affordable car and motorcycle insurance. Secure competitive rates with customer support in English.

We offer inclusion to suit a large number of needs and spending plans:

  • Local third-party liability coverage (minimum requirement in France)
  • Third-party fire and theft insurance (liability plus theft, fire, and storm damage)
  • Comprehensive coverage

You can choose to pay month to month or consistently.

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Car Insurance
Car Insurance


coverage and service highlights


  • Customer support in English
  • Affordable and comprehensive coverage with local insurance advisors familiar with the French market
  • US, UK, EU, international and temporary driver’s licenses available


  • Count your driving experience abroad and save money.
  • Second Family Car Discount
  • Discounts are available for occasional drivers (less than 8,000km).


Included in all coverage levels:

  • – Civil liability coverage
  • – Legal defense
  • – Driver compensation (death, bodily injury, economic loss)

Monospace (minivan/MPV) insurance for family cars only

5 free cab rides home in case of impaired driving (for drivers aged 18-25)

Coverage Third Party Liability Insurance (TPL)

Minimum coverage requirement in France. This auto insurance option includes

  • Public Liability 100,000,000 EUR
  • Driver’s compensation (driver’s death, bodily injury, economic loss)
  • Help from home in the event of breakdown, mishap, fire or burglary (0 km)
  • Assistance after breakdown/accident
  • Replacement of windshield/glass (including lights)

Coverage Third Party Fire and Theft Insurance

French auto insurance with extended coverage for third party liability plus

  • Damage caused by theft, fire or storm
  • Public liability 100,000,000 EUR
  • Driver’s compensation (driver’s death, bodily injury, economic loss)
  • Help from home (0 km) in the event of breakdown, mishap, fire or robbery
  • Assistance after breakdown/accident
  • Replacement of windshield/glass (including lights)

Coverage Comprehensive Automobile Insurance

Protect yourself, others, and your property with the highest level of coverage. This policy includes

  • All damages resulting from an accident
  • Theft, fire, and storm damage
  • Aftermarket accessories and accessories
  • Contents transported in the vehicle
  • Valuation at purchase price in case of loss
  • Public liability 100,000,000 EUR
  • Driver’s compensation (driver’s death, bodily injury, economic loss)
  • Help from home in the event of breakdown, mishap, fire or robbery (0 km)
  • Assistance after breakdown/accident
  • Replacement of windscreen/glass (including lights)

Who needs expatriate car insurance in France?

France requires all drivers, including expatriates, to have car insurance. People who may need this type of coverage include

  • Embassy staff and other government employees and contractors
  • International teachers and educators
  • Employees of non-profit organizations
  • Medical personnel
  • Missionaries
  • Remote workers and digital nomads
  • Retirees living abroad
  • Families and individuals who travel internationally
  • All persons living and working abroad

What you need for car and motorcycle insurance in France

Your agent will contact you shortly after submitting your quote request. The following documents are required for the insurance policy

  • Driver’s license (US, UK, EU, international or provisional driver’s license is acceptable) for the policyholder and the designated driver
  • Passport
  • Visa or residence permit
  • One of the following vehicle registration documents
  • Vehicle inspection certificate (carte grise) in France in the name of the previous or current owner
  • Certificate of vehicle registration with permanent French number or temporary WW number (certificate d’immatriculation provisoire)
  • Purchase order (bon de commande)
  • No claims bonus or driving experience certificate
  • Driver’s date of insurance
  • Number of years driver has been without insurance
  • Details of claims made in the last 3 years

Frequently Asked Questions about Foreign Car Insurance in France

How does car insurance in France work?

You must purchase minimum third party liability insurance for your vehicle in France. After meeting that minimum requirement, you have the option to extend your coverage for more protection by increasing to comprehensive coverage and/or including additional coverage (e.g. roadside assistance, etc.).

What type of car insurance is required in France?

In France, third-party liability insurance is mandatory as a minimum for automobiles.

Does the car insurance that I have in my home country apply in France?

No, your home country’s car insurance does not apply in France. You must purchase French automobile insurance (minimum third-party liability).

Can non-French residents own a car in France?

Yes, non-residents of France can own a car in France as long as the car is properly registered.

Is French car insurance available in the EU and the UK?

French car insurance is available in the EU and the UK, depending on your policy. We offer three degrees of inclusion, some of which remember inclusion for the EU and UK.

Can I drive an American car in France?

Yes, American cars can be driven in France as long as they are properly registered in France.

What type of driver’s license is required?

To drive and be protected in France, we acknowledge holders of UK, EU, global, and temporary licenses.

Are the insurance policy documents in English?

According to French law, all automobile insurance policy documents must be in French. Client support is additionally given in English.

How long is the insurance period? What if I only need insurance for a short period of time?

Car insurance in France is an annual policy issued on a yearly basis, but if you need insurance for less than a year, you can receive a pro-rated refund of the annual policy minus a cancellation fee. Talk to one of our advisors about the best option for your situation.

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