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Meat Packer Jobs in Canada 2022 Urgent Hiring | Apply Now

Meat Packer Jobs in Canada 2022 | Apply NowEastern Meat Purveyors has an immediate opening for a Meat Packer and Labourer.  Apply now or check out our thousands of premium jobs.

Salary$ 13 per hour – US Dollar
Employment TypeFull Time
Employing OrganizationEastern Meats Purveyors
Organization URLhttp://easternmeats.ca/
Location Postal CodeLocation Postal Code: 4 Dominion Crescent Lakeside, NS B3T 1M1, Lakeside, Nova Scotia, Canada
Required ExperienceAfter 6 Month

Meat Packer Jobs in Canada Description

Meat Packers are responsible for packaging, grinding, and packing meat. They also shave and wash animal meat before packaging, inspect meat and meat products, use hand and power tools, and grind meat to make sausages, luncheon meat, and other meat products.

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Duties of a Meat Packer Jobs in Canada

Meat Packer Jobs in Canada
Meat Packer Jobs in Canada

Duties required of meat packers include feeding materials and products into packaging and processing equipment; measuring, weighing, and counting product materials; moving and lifting heavy objects; loading and unloading products and materials; and maintaining a clean and safe work area.

They are also responsible for sorting production materials and products, operating packaging machines, and recording information on forms and records regarding products, packaging, and orders.

Skills Required for Meat Packer Jobs in Canada

Skills required of meatpackers include equipment selection skills, operation and control skills, reading skills, and active listening skills. Equipment selection skills help in selecting the best tools for each task in the meat processing process.

Operating and controlling equipment and tools is easier with operation and control skills. Reading comprehension skills are necessary to understand instructions. Active listening skills are necessary to pay attention to and fully understand what others are saying. Meatpackers must be physically fit to lift, pull, push, carry, and pack heavy items. Arm and hand stability are also important skills.

Meat Processors Meat Packer Jobs in Canada

Meat processors must have knowledge of animal and plant biology, public safety and security, food production, production and processing, and machinery for packaging meat. They must also have knowledge of relevant equipment, procedures, policies, and strategies used to comply with local, state, or national security operations to protect people, data, and property.

They must know and comply with the techniques used in the storage and handling of meat products. They must also know how to handle raw materials.

Working Conditions Meat Packer Jobs in Canada

Meat processors work early and long hours, sometimes more than 50 hours per week. Meat processors must have at least a high school diploma. Most training takes place on the job, but some technical schools offer courses in meat packaging and processing operations.

Working in a meat packing plant can be dangerous, so it is important to be careful when working there. Meat processors must endure harsh working conditions, including extreme heat, extreme cold, strong odors, and slippery floors. It is often necessary to wear non-slip shoes.


As of May 2014, the average annual salary for meatpackers is $25,400, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Job Requirements

EducationNo degrees, certificates, or diplomas
ExperienceNo Experience
Weight HandlingUp to 50 pounds (23 kg)
Work EnvironmentMeat processing and/or packaging plant/office
Work EnvironmentWet/wet – cold/chilled
Working Conditions and PhysicalCapabilities Fast-paced environment – attention to
Detaillong periods of standing 

Apply by Email: ashley.carey@easternmeats.ca

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Company Profile (Eastern Food Service)

Eastern Food Service is a full-line foodservice distributor specializing in the foodservice industry. We also operate a custom cutting portioned meat processing plant registered with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. Eastern Food Service is a trusted supplier of quality fresh and frozen wholesale and portion controlled meat products as well as frozen foods, dry goods, groceries, paper products, plastic products, produce and cleaning supplies.

We are the only company that delivers daily to the metro area and also has minimum delivery limits Eastern Food Service is a veritably service and quality acquainted company. We’ll go out of our way to accommodate your requirements and requests in any way possible.

We take great pride in our company and are devoted to furnishing the loftiest quality products and services to our client mates. We also take great pride in our workers.

Decades of experience, impeccable training, a sense of community and spirit. The workers of Eastern Food Service are devoted to furnishing superior client service that exceeds your prospects. We know that it takes a lot of work to produce a new clientele. From the most elaborate dining installations, we take your business seriously!


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