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Food handling Official

Canada Jobs Vacancy

Chicken Ranchers of Canada Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Position: Food Safety Officer (12 month term)
Reports to: Chief, Food handling and Creature Wellbeing
Unit: Food Safety and Animal Health

Position Summary
Chicken Farmers of Canada is an organization dedicated to becoming the trusted, preferred and sustainable choice for Canadian chicken. Chicken Farmers of Canada (CFC) prides itself on raising chicken that Canadians can trust.

Reporting to the Director of Food Safety and Animal Health, the Food Safety Officer represents the interests of Canadian Chicken Farmers and manages the Raised by a Canadian Farmer On-Farm Food Safety Program (CFC), Coordinate pathogen reduction initiatives.

The primary responsibility of the Food Safety Officer is to manage the development and implementation of CFC’s HACCP-based On-Farm Food Safety Program (OFFSP) and maintain federal, provincial and territorial approvals.

Development and maintenance of the OFFSP includes managing opportunities for continuous improvement, researching food safety practices, working with stakeholders to develop consensus, managing documentation updates, and advising and supporting implementation.

Implementation of the OFFSP using the ISO Quality Management System will also include ensuring consistent application of the Farmer Manual and the CFC Management Manual throughout the country.

The Food Safety Officer will coordinate internal audits, coordinate third-party audits, work with each state poultry marketing board, and coordinate auditor training and management reviews while maintaining close communication with all stakeholders.

The Food Safety Officer will assist in the coordination and development of pathogen reduction initiatives, including representing the CFC on working groups and committees, preparing pathogen reduction proposals for consideration by the CFC Director, and working with value chain members to achieve CFC goals .

The Food Safety Officer will actively participate in various government and industry working groups/committees related to food safety and represent the interests of Canadian poultry producers.

The Food Safety Officer will work closely with the Director of Food Safety and Animal Health, the CFC Production Committee, Provincial Committees, the Auditor General, and CFC’s Animal Care and Research Unit.

  • Specific Responsibilities.
  • Maintain producer manuals based on HACCP
  • Implementation of the CFC OFFSP management manual – ISO quality management system developed to meet federal, state and territory government requirements for on-farm food safety programs
  • Ongoing monitoring of the certification system to ensure that the national and state responsibilities specified in CFC’s Management Manual are being met
  • Support and coordinate OFFSP activities of state board offices to ensure consistent application of CFC’s on-farm food safety certification process
  • Review, update, and distribute administrative manuals
  • Maintain inventory of program materials
  • Develop and maintain farmer and auditor materials (checklists, auditor guidance tools, group record forms, SOPs, etc.)
  • Develop and review auditor training materials (poultry specific courses and annual auditor training sessions)
  • Coordinate training sessions to ensure that a sufficient number of competent auditors are available to conduct off-stage program audits.
  • Coordinate internal audits at Provincial Board offices across Canada and follow up to ensure corrective actions have been completed.
  • Coordinate the conduct of third-party audits and provide guidance to State Board offices during third-party audits.
  • Coordinate the implementation of the third-party audits with the Canadian Supply Chain Food Safety Coalition, the Industry-Government Pathogen Reduction Working Group, CPEPC’s Poultry Operations Technical Committee (POTC), other food safety organizations such as the Canadian Supply Chain Food Safety Coalition, the Represent CFC on various working groups/committees, including the Industry-Academia Pathogen Reduction Working Group, CPEPC’s Poultry Operations Technical Committee (POTC), and other food safety related committees.
  • Prepare input for periodic review by CFC management
  • Travel within Canada required.

Perform all other duties as assigned by the Director of Food Safety and Animal Health and/or the Executive Director.

Education, Competencies, and Experience.

  • The Food handling Official position is situated in Ottawa, Ontario (mixture design).
  • Education Background.
  • College/Higher education connected with farming and additionally food handling
  • Competencies/Experience
  • High level of initiative and critical thinking.
  • Agricultural experience a plus (on-farm experience a plus)
  • Strong communication skills to multiple stakeholders and the ability to present to small and large groups
  • Ability to research food safety issues, prepare reports, and make recommendations.
  • Experience with food safety, auditing, HACCP, ISO quality management systems

Computer Skills:
Knowledge of Microsoft Suite a plus

Language Skills.
Bilingual preferred

Business Travel
Must be able to travel within Canada
Must have a valid driver’s license
Ability to relocate (if residence is outside of Ottawa)

Employment Type
Contract employee


Canada Jobs Vacancy

Producer (Farmer) Services Team Leader (12 month contract)

Conestoga Meat Greater Greater Kitchener Cambridge-Waterloo Metropolitan Area

Job Purpose.
The Producer Services Team Leader is responsible for the leadership of the Producer Services team and the development and implementation of functional initiatives.

This position is responsible for managing the 3P/Conestoga member/owner supply relationships and ensuring that plant production schedules and supply requirements are met.

This position is also responsible for sourcing, negotiating, contracting, implementing, and managing external livestock supplies from non-members as needed.

As the Producer Services Team Leader, you will also be responsible for building relationships with members and owners and ensuring compliance with legal and company required standards.

  • Why work for Conestoga Meats?
  • Growing company where you can grow with your team and department
  • Stable, full-time work (no rotating shifts)
  • Worker reference reward program (least $300 per enlist)
  • Competitive benefits package for you and your family after 3 months of service
  • Pension plan and company match after 1 year of service
  • Floater days in addition to vacation time
  • Diverse workforce; communication materials translated into 8 languages
  • Discounts on quality pork products
  • Employee assistance programs (financial aid, mental health resources)
  • Social committee events (food trucks, gifts, games)
  • BBQ and wellness programs
  • On-site training and company-provided equipment
  • Employee scholarships and English language courses
  • Key Duties/Roles/Responsibilities
  • Develop and implement functional initiatives
  • Book appropriate quantities of pigs with members/owners/confirm commitments
  • Ensure deliveries meet plant operational requirements
  • Maintain owner/member hog commitments – monitor each member’s shipments to ensure annual volume commitments are met or pro-rated on an appropriate basis
  • Guarantee on-ranch consistence with administrative and organization required guidelines
  • Take part in industry occasions and go about as a backer for the association
  • Demonstrate and promote the Conestoga Way
  • Develop goals and standards of accountability for direct reports and monitor performance.
  • Maintain up-to-date job descriptions for each direct reports.
  • Meet routinely with direct reports to give instructing and criticism.
  • Facilitate personal development and training plans for direct reports.
  • Maintain regular communication with 3P members and provide education as needed
  • Serve as the primary point of contact for 3P member inquiries
  • Analyze information to ensure systems and records are maintained and continually improved
  • Assist shareholders with record keeping
  • Manage the pig yield reporting mechanism and provide regular detailed feedback to members on pig performance and recommended growth requirements
  • Adjust members’ shipments as needed to ensure proper specifications at the appropriate time.
  • Company representative for OPGA and key liaison with Ontario Pork
  • Meet regularly to provide the Vice President of Supply Chain with information on all aspects of his/her area of responsibility.
  • Qualifications.
  • College or junior college degree in business or agriculture
  • Minimum of 5 years experience
  • Key Competencies
  • Service Excellence – Leadership – Influence member/owner loyalty
  • Build and maintain a network of contacts throughout Conestoga Meet to elicit the support needed to solve member/owner issues.
  • Treat all third-party stakeholders as highly valued partners (contractors, government agencies, suppliers, community organizations, etc.)
  • Work closely with members/owners to better understand their needs. Build long-term trust by consistently meeting their expectations.
  • Accountability and Initiative – Leadership – Effective Implementation of
  • Demonstrate initiative and promote taking calculated risks, within guidelines, when tough decisions are necessary.
  • Monitor employees for compliance with standards, policies, and regulations, making adjustments as needed and helping them stay on track (e.g., providing coaching and training).
  • Clear Communication – Leaders – Communicate with Impact
  • Proactively meet with senior leadership team to identify messages to share with employees and members/owners
  • Utilize various communication channels to share updates and news (communication boards, K.P.I. boards, meeting huddles, etc.)
  • Provide detailed explanations behind messages, updates and news Working Conditions
  • Travel and farm visits are required.

If you are interested in this job, please contact us at: https://conestogameats.prevueaps.com/jobs/.

Conestoga Meats invites and supports applications from individuals with handicaps. Accommodations are available upon request for candidates who participate in the entire selection process.

We appreciate all applicants, but only those who participate in the hiring process will be contacted.

Senior Level
Entry Level

Employment Type
Full Time

Job Type

Type of Industry
Food and Beverage Manufacturing


Casual Grain Handler Canada Jobs Vacancy

Cargill Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Want to build a stronger, more sustainable future and career? Would you like to join Cargill’s global team of 160,000 employees and help feed the world in a safe, responsible and sustainable way?

This position is in Cargill’s Agriculture Supply Chain business, seamlessly connecting agricultural customers with food, feed and industry.

Cargill provides food, agriculture, financial, and industrial products and services worldwide. Working with farmers, customers, governments, and communities, we bring more than 150 years of experience and insight to help people prosper.

With 160,000 employees in 70 countries, we work to feed the world in a responsible way, reduce our environmental impact, and improve the communities where we live and work.

Location: Edmonton, Alberta
Position: Casual (20-40 hours/week)
Shifts: Rotation
Compensation: $ 21.00 CAD/ hour

Cargill Agricultural Supply Chain (CASC) connects grain and oilseed producers and users around the world through the sourcing, storage, trading, processing and distribution of grains and oilseeds, while providing a variety of financial, risk management and customized farmer services.

Working for Cargill is an opportunity to grow and maximize your career while being involved in meaningful work that will have a positive impact around the world!

The Casual Grain Handler is ideal for someone who is looking for a supportive role, enjoys physical activity, and has a flexible schedule.

Primary Job Duties.

  • Perform facility duties such as receiving and shipping fertilizer, chemicals, seed, grain, and other products
  • Basic maintenance and operator care to ensure ongoing facility operations
  • Provide excellent customer service and work with team members
  • Understand and adhere to all safety policies and procedures
  • Maintain a safe and clean work environment
  • Other duties as directed

Basic Requirements

  • Must have the legal right to work for Cargill Canada.
  • Should be something like 18 years old
  • Must be able to perform physical work that requires bending, occasionally lifting up to 50 pounds, kneeling, climbing, crawling, and twisting with or without reasonable care
  • Ability to communicate in English (oral/written)
  • Basic computer use
  • Ability to work in a variety of weather, industrial, and agricultural environments
  • Ability to work at heights (4 feet or more)
  • Capacity to stay at work longer than required, ends of the week, and occasions with notification ahead of time

Preferred Qualifications

Basic mechanical aptitude

Applicants will be called from the (204) area code. This position does exclude migration benefits.
Cargill is an Equal Opportunity Employer and is committed to accommodating job applicants with disabilities.

Senior Level

Employment Type
Full Time

Job Title
Quality Assurance, Production, Engineering

Food & Beverage Services, Chemical Manufacturing, Food & Beverage Manufacturing

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