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14 Best Free WordPress website hosting

Top 14 Best Free WordPress website hosting

Looking for the best free WordPress hosting services for your startup? Then, you have landed in the right place.

If you are a beginner and are planning to start your own business, no matter what, creating a WordPress website will only make it grow more. And in order to create a site, getting a web host is the first step. However, some of you may find buying a web host too expensive.

Thus, in this article, we have curated the best free WordPress hosting services for you. So, keep reading.

Is free WordPress hosting worth it?

Now, the big question is, Are Free WordPress hosting services worth it? To be honest, if you are a student who is passionate about creating your own business website or even a professional who is low on budget then, free web hosting services are the best choice.

Below we have mentioned the advantages and disadvantages of Free WordPress hosting. Therefore, you can be the judge yourself and choose according to your need.

Advantages of Free WordPress hosting plans:

  • The first benefit of Free WordPress hosting is undoubtedly the price. You don’t have to pay a dime to host your site.
  • Since these free hosting services do not have a lot of advanced solutions, this can be useful for beginners or non-tech professionals.
  • Another great advantage is that you can get experience with the services, learn all the tips and tricks before making a financial commitment.
  • Let’s not forget about all the amazing layouts that free WordPress hosting services offer. With the help of these designs, you can make your website go live in a matter of minutes.
  • Disadvantages of Free WordPress hosting plans
  • Many hosting service companies place ads on your sites. The profits made by such advertising go to hosting companies. On the other hand, you will get fewer earning opportunities.
  • Also, bandwidth, disk space, and even web pages are limited and more restricted than paid WordPress hosts.
  • Technical support prefers paid users over free hosting users. The response time for the free user is 24 hours and you will not get support as expected.
  • Your domain name may contain the name of the free hosting provider as well. For example, www.yourwebsitename.000Webhost.com. this can make your site look unprofessional and unoriginal.
  • With that said, Let’s start the list of Free WordPress hosting for which you have already come to this article.

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14 Best Free WordPress website hosting

Before we get to all the key details and pieces of information, here is a brief introduction to each free WordPress hosting that we have listed below.

NameDisk SpaceSupportName
WordPress.Com3 GBFAQs and ForumsGo To WordPress.com
000Webhost300 MBLive chat, Email, FAQsGo To 000Webhost
InfinityFree5 GBKnowledge base, ForumGo To InfinityFree
CloudAccessUndisclosedLive chat, Phone calls, Support ticketGo To CloudAccess
AwardSpace1 GBLive chat, Email, Blog, Video tutorials, FAQsGo To AwardSpace
AccuWeb Hosting2 GBPhone calls, FAQs, EmailGo To AccubWeb Hosting
x10hostingUnmeteredDiscord, ForumGo To x10hosting
WPNode1 GBBlog, FAQsGo To WPNode
ByetHost1000 MBSupport ticket, Knowledge base, Video tutorialsGo To ByetHost
100WebSpace100 MBVideo tutorials, ForumGo To 100WebSpace
Freehostia250 MBSupport ticket, Online documentation, Video TutorialsGo To Freehostia
FreeHosting10 GBSupport ticket, Email, Phone callsGo To FreeHosting
GoogieHost100 MBKnowledge base, Email, BlogGo To GoogieHost
FreeHostingNoAds1 GBPhone call, Email, Support ticket, ChatGo To FreehostingNoAds

Best for: Another flexible and balanced choice, WPNode offers a free SSL testament, no publicizing, more than adequate extra room and no extra charges. The lack of a script installer and email hosting leaves WPNode lacking compared to other options, but you can always upgrade if you need more features.

Getting Started with Free WordPress Hosting

WordPress is a great CMS with many features. With so many free hosting options, there is one less obstacle to launching your website and connecting with your audience online.

Manager’s Note: This article was initially distributed in January 2020 and has been refreshed for breadth.

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