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Auto Insurance In South Africa.
Statistics show that of the 10 million drivers on South Africa’s roads, 65% are uninsured. The economic risk of becoming another statistic is too great to be accidental! Imagine having to bear the cost of an accident, whether it is your fault or not! Having car insurance that covers these situations can give you peace of mind, and Hippo.co.za can help you find the best deal on your car insurance.

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Accidents, car theft, and breakdowns happen when you least expect it. How will you be reimbursed for replacing or repairing your car or damaging someone else’s car?

Car insurance can help you pay for these expenses, and Hippo.co.za compares various car insurance companies in South Africa that offer coverage tailored to your specific needs.

Why compare car insurance with Hippo?

Hippo.co.za is devoted to setting aside you time and cash.
With Hippo.co.za you can

  • Save with cheap insurance
  • Save hundreds of rand
  • Save money on your car

Compare quotes from multiple car companies Instantly compare car insurance quotes Side-by-side comparison Unbiased quotes from South African insurance companies Fair and unbiased Car insurance quotes

Car Insurance Quick Guide
What is comprehensive car insurance?
It covers all financial damages related to your automobile.

Covers damage caused to others and their property as a result of an accident.

What is third party fire and theft insurance?
Covers damage caused to others and their property by an accident.

Covers theft or damage to your vehicle due to hijacking, theft, fire, etc.

What is Third Party Only Coverage? Third Party Only Auto Insurance
Coverage is provided for damage to others and their property caused by an accident.

It does not cover you if your car is damaged or stolen.

Auto insurance for people under 25 years oldCar insurance for people under 25 years old
If you are under the age of 25 and want to purchase auto insurance, you will quickly find that your age has a significant impact on the insurance company’s risk rating, and thus on your premiums.

What options are available for auto insurance?
How does excess affect car insurance premiumsHow does excess affect car insurance premiums?
Cheap car insurance to get peace of mindCheap car insurance to get peace of mind
How to File an Insurance Claim
How to File an Insurance Claim
Differences Between Personal and Business VehiclesDifferences Between Personal and Business Vehicles
Calculating Auto Insurance Premiums

Insurance Cost How Much Does Workers Compensation ?

Auto Insurance In South Africa

Hippo – Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a quote?

  • Getting a quote is very easy. It only takes a few minutes. Go to the product category for which you would like to get a quote (e.g. Life Insurance).Fill in the structure subtleties and snap “Get a Statement”. Then, at that point, continue to the subsequent stage, if fundamental.
  • Your search results will be sorted by best price. Confirm the price, product features, and the brand you wish to be contacted about, then click “I’m interested.” A consultant from the selected brand will review your details and arrange coverage.

Is there a fee to use Hippo.co.za?

  • No. Hippo.co.za is free to use. There are no hidden fees and no commissions are added to the listed prices.Auto Insurance In South Africa

How much can I save by buying insurance through Hippo.co.za?

  • 89% of customers who use Hippo.co.za to compare insurance quotes save money on their premiums. In fact, according to our own research, you can save up to R$329 per month! The amount you can save depends on the product you are looking to purchase and your personal situation.Auto Insurance In South Africa

How does Hippo.co.za make money?

  • Hippo.co.za earns revenue by charging partner brands on the panel an advertising fee to appear on the Hippo.co.za website. The amount of money or compensation charged by Hippo.co.za has no effect on the order of the results displayed. The results are displayed in the following order: 1st best price, 2nd best price, and so on.Auto Insurance In South Africa

Who owns Hippo.co.za?

  • Hippo.co.za is owned by Telesure Investment Holdings (Pty) Ltd, a group that owns various insurance and other businesses in South Africa, the UK and Australia. It is common for insurance groups to own comparison websites in many other countries around the world. hippo.co.za is a different enlisted substance, enrolled with the Recorder of Organizations as Hippo Relative Administrations (Pty) Ltd, FSP permit number: 16357 and is likewise an approved monetary administrations provider under FSP License No. 16357.Auto Insurance In South Africa
  • The hippo.co.za site analyzes the significant protection brands in South Africa as well as suppliers in numerous different classifications like travel and home security. In no particular order, a number of insurance brands outside of the Telesure group are also listed, including Oakhurst, Regent, and Standard Bank. hippo.co.za will add more insurance We plan to add more brands to our website.
  • hippo.co.za is a completely free service for consumers and the results displayed will not be influenced by any factors other than the order of lowest price. At the bottom of our website, you will find our dispute management policy, which fully discloses our business holdings.

What brands can I compare on Hippo.co.za?

  • Hippo’s partners include a wide range of leading South African insurance, financial and other category companies. You can view our partners here.Auto Insurance In South Africa
  • If you are interested in becoming a partner, please contact us here.

What products can I compare on Hippo.co.za?

  • Hippo.co.za makes it easy to compare personal finance and other products. From car insurance, homeowners insurance, cheap flights to life insurance, Hippo covers most areas.

If I choose a brand, do I have to commit to anything?

  • No, you do not. There is no obligation of any kind. Once you choose a brand, you will receive a free phone call from a consultant from that company.Auto Insurance In South Africa

Will you provide or sell my information to third parties?

  • No, none whatsoever. Your personal information will be kept secure and will not be given or sold to any third party. We treat you fairly (TCF) and take pride in protecting your data and the way we do business with you.Auto Insurance In South Africa

Comprehensive Auto Insurance

  • Comprehensive auto insurance is the most extensive of the auto insurance policies and covers damages caused to the other party and their property in the unlikely event of an accident involving you. It also covers damage to your vehicle caused by accident, fire, and natural disasters, as well as theft and hijacking.Auto Insurance In South Africa

What is comprehensive auto insurance?

  • If you need insurance that covers all financial losses related to your car, comprehensive auto insurance is the right choice. This is the broadest form of insurance and covers you for loss and/or damage due to theft, hijacking, accident, fire, natural disasters, and in the event that a third party has a claim against you and you are responsible for damage to that vehicle.
  • Since this form of insurance covers all bases and protects you from all eventualities, it is the most expensive option. Notwithstanding, the most ideal way to find the right complete vehicle insurance contract for you is to search around and look at statements, and Hippo.co.za offers many suppliers to analyze while searching for far reaching vehicle protection.Auto Insurance In South Africa

Why should I consider comprehensive auto insurance?

  • This type of insurance allows you to file a claim with your insurance company even if the accident was caused by your own negligence. You can also file a claim even if you cannot prove fault. Without this type of coverage, you risk having to pay for repairs yourself, whether to your own car or someone else’s. Auto Insurance In South Africa
  • Comprehensive auto insurance also covers damage to your car caused by fire or natural disasters, as well as theft and hijacking. With comprehensive auto insurance, if a serious accident should occur and your car is scrapped, the insurance company will pay you an amount equal to its value before the damage. Auto Insurance In South Africa
  • This coverage not only strengthens your protection, but also gives you the peace of mind that you will not have to pay for expensive repairs or replacement costs, and that you will only have to pay the excess of your policy.Auto Insurance In South Africa

What is not covered by comprehensive auto insurance?

  • A common additional option is a courtesy car. The next most common is breakdown coverage, which provides assistance from a mechanic or tow truck if your car breaks down or is damaged while on the road.Auto Insurance In South Africa
  • It is always best to check to see if the policy you are investigating includes these features or if you would have to pay for them yourself in the event of an accident. Every insurance company offers unique features and benefits, so it is always best to review the various policy documents and consult with the insurance company directly if you have any questions.

Third-Party Auto Insurance

Third-party limited auto insurance provides basic coverage at an affordable price and will compensate you for damages you cause to others and their property should you cause an accident.

What is third-party vehicle insurance?

Third-party vehicle insurance provides basic coverage at a more affordable price and compensates you for damage you cause to another vehicle in the event of an accident. Premiums vary from insurer to insurer, but repair costs are usually covered in full, minus excess charges.

If your car is damaged due to your own negligence, you are responsible for the cost of repair or replacement. Third party vehicle insurance covers the cost of any damage your vehicle causes to another vehicle.Auto Insurance In South Africa

What does third-party vehicle insurance not cover?

This type of insurance does not cover damage or loss to your vehicle in the event of an accident. In this case, you must pay for the cost of repairs or replacement parts yourself. However, if you are involved in an accident that is not your fault, you can file a claim against the person who caused the accident.

Who is third-party auto insurance best suited for?

This type of auto insurance is ideal for people who have older or lower-value cars, ideally already paid off, and who do not drive very often or for long distances. This minimizes the potential risk of being involved in an accident or having to pay for expensive repairs or replacement parts.

What is a third party?

If you choose this type of auto insurance, you need to know what exactly you are covering and who you are covering. A third party is someone whose car is damaged by your actions and who makes an insurance claim against you. The first party is you, the insured, and the second party is the insurance company that settles any claims that arise.Auto Insurance In South Africa

Mandatory Third-Party Auto Insurance In South Africa

Since 2011, the South African Insurance Association (SAIA) has called for mandatory third-party auto insurance, arguing that if all drivers were insured, insurance premiums would drop and more money would be available to repair vehicles damaged on the road. Auto Insurance In South Africa

This type of insurance is not yet mandatory, but may become so in the near future. If you do not yet have auto insurance and would like to purchase third-party auto insurance, please see the options below.

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